Areas of Service

Probate Avoidance

Probate can be viewed as an anachronistic and bureaucratic system that is forced upon unsuspecting families during some of the worst times of their entire lifetimes as they grieve the loss of a parent, spouse, or other love one. What makes it worse is that a Will or (even worse) no estate plan makes probate almost inevitable. But through simple living trusts, transfer on death deeds, and other tools, probate is wholly avoidable and unnecessary! Plan in good times so that your family doesn't have to go through the court system in bad times. Do it for your loved ones!

Estate Planning  

We do the full range of estate planning, from simple wills, powers of attorney, living wills,  health care powers, pre-designation of guardians, family limited partnerships to all types of trusts: simple living trusts to credit shelter trusts, Miller trusts, and life insurance trusts. Attorney Silverblatt has authored a booklet entitled Estate Planning : Do It For Your Loved Ones. To get your complimentary copy, simply go to the Free Booklet page of this website. There are also great articles and tips on estate planning on our Facebook page:

Trustee Services   

Attorney Gene Silverblatt has a long history of acting as trustee for trusts he has established. You get professional yet personal care at prices which are significantly less than that of corporate trustees (such as bank trust departments). He has the advantage of knowing the motivation and personality of the trustmaker(s) and unlike family trustees, he is not influenced by family personalities and repercussions.

Uncontested Probates  

Probate is an often feared process. This is no doubt due to a lack of knowledge about what it is, what short cuts and alternatives there are, and the unreasonable fees charged by some attorneys. However, we pride ourselves in our ability to find the cheapest, quickest, and most efficient type of probate from the many short cuts and alternatives that exist. Unlike some attorneys, we never charge an arbitrary percentage but rather base our fees on the actual work involved, generally resulting in far less expense. And we offer ourselves - as your friends and confidants.

Uncontested Guardianships 

This is the legal process involved when an adult is mentally or physically disabled, or a minor is receiving property, such as inheritance or insurance proceeds. Occasionally it is also when a minor needs to be placed with other family members in order to enroll in school and receive military benefits.