Estate Planning

Estate Planning

What is it and why seek out our law firm for it?

Estate Planning

Estate planning is so much more than just document preparation. It is about crisis management. The crisis may be illness, accident, old age, or death. Good estate planning is about having someone with years of experience leverage that experience for you and your family to prepare for those life crisis. An important part of estate planning is forming a long term relationship with a law firm that will be there when you need them the most. Let's be honest - you can't wait until the crisis comes to start looking for a legal team or to start planning for it. Effective estate planning is about using a firm that will clearly explain your options, without pressure, and to help you implement those plans in good times rather than in the middle of a crisis. It is about finding a law firm that combines professionalism with compassion. It is about hiring a law firm that is focused on just this area of law.

Successful estate planning starts with discussing with a professional team your vision for your family's future. Each family is different and one size certainly does not fit all! Our attorney will sit with you and listen, and present ideas and options to you to reach those goals in easy to understand language and explanations. We realize that Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney are just means towards an end - they are not ends in themselves. We get it. Don't settle for less!​​​​​​​

Where do you start? Well, Attorney Silverblatt has authored the informative booklet Estate Planning : Do It For Your Loved Ones about how this all works. (To read, click on the book title.) We also have his newest publication: A War Planner's Take On Estate Planning - Planning For Life's Last Battle (click on title to view). There are also great articles and tips on estate planning on our Facebook page (please "Like" our page to keep up with new articles). This Facebook page is not there to sell you something - we just believe that the information (and humor) will make this topic easier to discuss and a great resource for you and your family.

We also offer Zoom video conferences.

Avoid the costs, delays, and hassles of probate with prior planning

Don't put your family through the bureaucratic and anachronistic nightmare of probate. Even the simplest of probates in Texas can take way too long, cost way too much, lack privacy (everything is public record), allow for disruption by mischievous family members, and can simply be a hassle for your loved ones who have to take time during the grieving process to meet with lawyers and go to court hearings. We will work in good times to minimize or totally avoid these problems during those stressful times of a loss of a spouse, parent, or other family member or friend.

But we are here to help you through stressful times of probate and guardianship when you can't avoid them

We are happy to assist you through the probate or guardianship process and to find the quickest, easiest, and cheapest form of probate for your situation. Please note that due to our small office staffing, we are unable to take on any contested / litigated probates or guardianships.

Planning for, or dealing with, incapacity and death requires a special kind of law firm

The people there should not only be highly skilled, but also be calm, compassionate, and friendly. We have a very limited practice area so you can feel comfortable that your case is being handled by a team that is focused on this area of law and has a wealth of experience along with a great community reputation.

​​​​​​​We are a small office - by design! We think that has many advantages over firms that just want to grow bigger and bigger! That allows us to know you - our clients and our friends, and for you to know us - in 'good times' so that in 'bad times,' when the crisis of old age, illness, accident, or passing occurs, you and your family are not dealing with new faces who have no prior relationships with the family. It also means that you are not paying for a big organization and the salaries of "the partners and associate attorneys" unrelated to your case! Another clear advantage is that we don't have a large bureaucracy so we can personalize our services to our clients' needs. To put it simply, there is no "one way" of doing things - we will do what you and your unique circumstances need done!

For over 40 years, Attorney Gene Silverblatt has been serving the Fort Hood, Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Salado and Lampasas communities in the areas of estate planning, probate, guardianship and trust administration. This includes matters related to complex or highly customized wills and trusts, medical and general powers of attorney, and guardianships for disabled adults, as well as serving as professional trustee or executor of your estate should you so desire. Along with Senior Paralegal Amanda Mahlstedt, we have the experience and the commitment to see that these important legal issues are handled right.

Now for the lawyer disclaimer:

Nothing in this web site is meant to give personal legal advice or to form an attorney-client relationship. For either of those, please call us for an appointment.