Uncontested Probates

Probate is an often feared process. This is no doubt due to a lack of knowledge about what it is, what short cuts and alternatives there are, and the unreasonable fees charged by some attorneys. However, at Silverblatt Law Office, we pride ourselves in our ability to find the cheapest, quickest, and most efficient type of probate from the many short cuts and alternatives that exist. Unlike some attorneys, we never charge an arbitrary percentage but rather base our fees on the actual work involved, generally resulting in far less expense. And we offer ourselves - as your friends and confidants. Contact our Harker Heights, TX office today to learn more about uncontested probates.

Uncontested Guardianships

This is the legal process involved when an adult is mentally or physically disabled, or a minor is receiving property, such as inheritance or insurance proceeds. Occasionally it is also when a minor needs to be placed with other family members in order to enroll in school and receive military benefits. Contact us to learn more about uncontested guardianship.